Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Hazards of Owning a Dog in Downtown Toronto

The problem with living in downtown Toronto and owning a dog is that you cannot simply throw on sweat pants and take them for a quick walk.

Last night, I decided to try it out even though I knew better. I got home from work, threw on the first oversized, super comfortable Tshirt I found crumpled up in my "clean" pile, pulled on a pair of capris that did not go, put Stella on her leash and ran out the door. I did not bother with hair, make up or anything else that would require looking in a mirror. I just wanted to give her a run in the park before the rain hit.

I felt like such a slob wandering with Stella amongst the rushing sea of commuters in their suits and heels. I stood out like a sore thumb! I kept my head downand navigated Stella and myself through the heavy foot traffic until I (deep sigh of relief) made it to the park. Ah refuge!

Except, I ran into someone I know and work with. The wind was whipping and my hair was escaping from its ponytail. She looked perfectly polished as she just got off work and was meeting her boyfriend in the park. Her hair defiantly ignored the wind and stayed completely in place. As did her boyfriend's. As I was being introduced to the boyfriend, Stella jumped up to get my friend's attention, leaving trace amounts of dirt on her suit pants. I did not think it was a big deal but she looked pretty horrified.

I quickly took my leave but had to pause my retreat to allow Stella to do her business. I took a bag out of my pocket and bent down to pick up her mess. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my coworker and her boyfriend looking on. I carried Stella's mess ot the trash and continued on to my condo. Just as we got to the building, big fat drops of rain began to fall.

Safely inside my aparment, I wiped Stella's paws and sat down on the sofa. She jumped up on me and began licking my face. Totally worth it I thought to myself, but next time I will throw on a hat.

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