Sunday, July 8, 2007

Masterseek. Not Just a Cool Logo

masterseek is a search engine that provides the basic information and more for almost 50 million companies in about 75 countries. But if you ask me what the coolest feature about this search engine is, I am going to have to be my (hopefully in an adorable way) usual lame, quirky self and say it is their awesome genie guy logo.

Oh by the way, not only can you access company profiles, you can also enter all of your own company information. They have about 55 categories to enter your company info under. I wonder if they have an organic vegetarian dog treat category?


kasiaiscarly said...

oh my gosh, you need more pictures of your fur baby on your blog!! i am limited in mine, too, but that is mostly because jimmy ray is TERRIFIED of the camera and bolts as soon as he sees it, which makes zosia chase him and therefore pictures are few and far between! thanks for stopping by mine today. clicking on 'title' totally worked when i tried it. very strange blogger quirk, i guess!

Nanette said...

You're right, I need to show my little monster off! I have about a million photos on my camera - it is jsut the follow through part that I have trouble with! Perhaps I, too, am a procastinator?

Thanks for visiting!