Friday, July 6, 2007

Don't All Home Projects Start With a New Computer?

As I mentioned on a previous post, We spent last weekend building a shelving unit around the bed. We are not quite done yet. We need to add doors and hardware to the unit and then paint. The BF wants a dark colour but I want a soft colour like almond or pale yellow. Who do you think will win?

Even though we are not quite done with the bedroom yet, we are already thinking about the den. We are going to build a shelving unit and perhaps a desk in there but first things first. I am going to get rid of my bulky and inefficient Pentium II (no I am not joking, it is a Pentium II) and get something sleek, shiny and new. That way I will know exactly what we are going to build the shelving unit around. I am also going to get rid of my very old, giant printer, and equally old, yucky scanner.

In all likelihood, I will get a laptop much like my boyfriend’s LG. I also plan to get a lightweight portable scanner. Something that is incredibly user friendly as I am not a computer person. I like to scan my work and images easily so I need something that will allow me to do that with easy hook up and the push of a button. And something that can save as many image types.

Unless anyone has any better suggestions, I will probably go with the Scanshell 2000N, a very cool portable scanner.

But first, the shelving units. I am already picking out den stuff and I haven’t even picked out hardware for my cabinets yet!

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