Sunday, July 22, 2007

Shopping Rule Number 1

My boyfriend went on a little shopping spree at Staples yesterday. Being a compulsive shop-a-holic myself, I am usually all for a little self-indulging shopping therapy. My boyfriend, however happened to commit a (in my books anyway) cardinal shopping sin! He did not shop on sale!!!!! That is right, everything he purchased, the three hole punch, the computer stuff I could only describe if there was already a written description for me to cut and paste, and finally a stapler, all of it at full price.

I guess that I only have myself to blame. After all, I dragged him kicking and screaming into the exciting world of hobby shopping, yet I must have neglected to teach him the rules. So, just in case he is really bored and decides to read this: Rule Number 1: ALWAYS SHOP ON SALE!!!!
So tonight I introduced my boyfriend to coupon codes. More specifically, I introduced him to Staples coupon codes. He was very pleased with the discounts and deals he saw so I am sure he will begin looking through all of the other online coupons there are to be found. Hopefully he will not go too crazy, though. We can only afford to have one sport shopper in the household right now.

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