Friday, July 20, 2007

Dog Walker's First Visit

So the new dog walker came for the first time today. Stella, Mark and I met with her and she seemed to know her stuff but i can't help but be nervous. I keep thinking stuff like, what if she did not shut Stella's crate properly? and, what if Stella is stuck with a bully in the group? Then of course i think to myself Stop being silly! The woman is a prafessional and non-professionals walk dogs every bloody day!

I keep mentally chastizing myself for being so silly and I was sure Mark would tease me if he found out about my worries. About 2pm, however, Mark called me and asked, I was just wondering, do you think she shut that crate properly? It is pretty tricky.

So I did what any caring girlfriend and worried dog owner would do. I teased Mark for being a worrywart!

I guess we will find out how Stella faired when we get home.

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