Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mediterranean Dreams

I have a friend who is thinking about buying property in Brazil. His plan is to rent it out for half of the year and live in it the other half. If he falls so in love with Brazil that he wants to stay there year round he could turn it into a bed & breakfast.

I think he is definitely on to something and I hope he gets his dream home in some super exotic location. If it were me carrying out his dream, however, I would go for somewhere in the Mediterranean. I am going to suggest to him that he looks into North Cyprus Property. North Cypress is beautiful and filled with beautiful beaches and English speaking locals. Who wouldn't want to rent out a beach house from him in such a place?

Of course, it is widely known among my friends and family that I hope to marry and honeymoon in the Mediterranean so my friend may think the suggestion of North Cyprus Property is based entirely upon selfish reasons. That shouldn't deter him, though. I could be his first rental client!

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