Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Long Weekend Gone Forever!

Pretty much my entire long weekend revolved around building and insalling a shelving unit in our bedroom around our bed. It looks SO great and we are not even done yet. We still need to build and install doors and paint the unit.

Due to the major bedroom building project I did not get to see any fireworks this weekend but, after the shelving unit was in, we finally got to install the new light! Flicking on that switch after three months with a plug in garage light was just as impressive to us as fireworks display! Plus it was more dog friendly. So even though the weekend was spent shunning the outdoors and, consequently, the amazing weather, I am still feeling pretty good about things right now.

On my other blog, my Temple Treats blog, I have upgraded to a paid site so that I do not have to put up with all of those annoying competitor's google ads. I am not incredibly happy with how the upgraded blog looks yet. I will get there, I am sure, I just suck at all things computer related so it will take me a while. Anyway, check out my upgraded blog: The Dog Dish!

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