Monday, July 23, 2007

Stella Bella's diet is just a little too organic for her tummy to handle

After all the worry about Stella's first dog walking session, it did not even materialize! I gave the concierge the key but the concierge forgot and so when the dog walker came, they told her that they did not have anything for her. Why she did not call me at work, I don't know but whatever. Stella did not seem to be any worse for wear at having to be in her crate for so long.

I took her to the park on Saturday and she got to run around, eat bugs, grass, and dirt. I took her to the bf's family's house on Sunday so she got to run around, eat sticks, bark, grass, and dirt. Believe it or not, chasing around and pulling gross things out of Stella's mouth is pretty tiring.

Predictably, she had the runs and was even puking quite a bit last night. Other than that, she seems fine. No fever or tiredness. She is her usually joyful self, just stinkier (I did not think that was possible) and puke-ier. I was up at 3:30 this morning cleaning up after the poor girl. In typical male fashion, Mark slept through the entire thing.

I am hoping she is a hundred percent better after a day of rest. I am anxious to get home and see how she is doing. If she does not feel better by this evening, I will have to take my sweetie pie to her vet.

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