Monday, June 4, 2007

Cat 1, Dog 0. The thwarted invasion of the litter box.

This weekend was not a great one for me. I have not been feeling well, I had to work, and my boyfriend was seriously wearing on my nerves.

After work on Saturday I was trying to take a nap while Stella ran rampant in my condo. I believe she instinctively knew that my defenses were down and she was taking full advantage. She even got brave enough to stick her head through the swinging door of Nellie's enclosed litter box.

Up until Saturday evening, the exact moment when Stella decided to invade Nellie's litter box, Nellie had been impressively (albeit reluctantly) tolerant of this new and clumsy beast. I guess, though, that invading her litter box was Nellie's last straw. Enraged, Nellie flew down from her scratching post and attacked poor little Stella's butt. As fast as Nellie had decended on Stella she was gone, glaring from the darkest recesses of under the sofa. Stella, stunned and confused, with her head still in the litter box let out a painfull yelp and instictively jumped forward. Unfortunately she got stuck half way into the litter box. Realizing that she was not going to get in the box, she then attempted to get out. With her body half in and half out of the litter box she began twisting and turning, dragging the litter box frantically and backwards around the condo. She finally managed to burst free, with litter flying in every direction, from the box!

Stella was covered in cat litter and completely confused. Having no idea where her original source of pain had come from, she bagan barking and growling menacingly at the litter box as if it were a dangerous intruder. Stella is not big on barking and I have only really heard her bark once or twice but she just went on barking at this litter box for until I scooped her up and brought her into the bathroom for a (gasp) dreaded bath!

The poor girl shook and shivered through the entire torture of a very rigorous bath. Cat litter is really impossible to get out of dog toes and claws. I swear I heard the cat laughing.

As of last night, Stella is still glaring suspiciously in the direction of the litter box everytime she passes by it.

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