Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Summer Plans Gone Awry

My mom and I had decided to put my brother in a canoe camp this summer. I just heard on the radio, though that Balmy Beach (the beach that the canoe camp meets at every morning) has been closed due to E.coli concerns. Hmm. Maybe it is time to explore other options.

There are a lot of Summer Camps out there for us to choose from. Up until this year, we have always put him in Tae Kwon Do camp. Last year, though, he just seemed so bored that we decided to try something new. Now that it looks like Canoe camp fell through, maybe we should start thinking about something like Score. Score Learnng Centers host summer camps that help tutor kids and keep them in practice for the fall.

My brother has been getting after school tutoring and his grades have really improved. I bet a summer learning camp would help him excel. I checked out the Score Learning Center’s website and they say that my brother could improve as much as 1.5 grade levels over the course of a summer! I am going to go call my mom..

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