Tuesday, June 26, 2007

CN Tower; Red, White & Blue?

View of CN Tower from our balcony (until the next tower is built, then we are screwed)

The weather was perfect last night so Mark and I took Stella for an extra long walk on the boardwalk. We stopped for a drink at an outdoor bar and had a great view of the party boats, giant sail boats (when they are that big, do you call them sailing ships) and the squabbling seagulls. Stella tries to chase the pigeons and the seagulls but if she caught one, it would probably peck her to death before she could do it any harm.

For the entirety of our walk, we had a great view of the CN Tower, which has been lit up every night for the last week or so. They are experimenting with LED lights and the tower is looking pretty cool. Last week, we went out on our balcony to watch the show as the practising began. While impressed, we were quite confused to more often than not see some glowing combination of red, white and blue. We did not see a simple red/white combination at all. There were some other colours thrown in but the majority of the time, it looked like giant. looming American pride display.

Maybe someone complained because we noticed on our walk last night that the tower's light show is now mostly red and white. It looks very cool! So hopefully it will look the same for next weekend. And while I am hoping, I hope the weather is the exact same, too!

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