Thursday, June 14, 2007

Grade 8 Reunion

Stella threw up on my sock. It was pretty gross.

The grade 8 reunion was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I dragged my boyfriend along to it so that I could have someone in the know to commiserate with later. We actually had an okay time. I found out that my best friend from grade 7/8 is now a bus driver for the TTC. This shocked my boyfriend completely because she is thin and pretty. In his mind all TTC drivers need to be big and hairy - even the women. Especially the women. Another one of my good friends from that time is now an actress/reiki istructor. Her husband is pretty cool and Mark and I ended up talkng to them most of the evening.

The weirdest part of the reunion happened towards the end of the night. One of the guys skipped out on his bill! We all know exactly who it was that did it. It is so weird that, after all of these years after being the fun loving class clown, that is the impression he chose to leave us all with.

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