Friday, June 15, 2007

Man Feeds Puppy to Pet Snake

I usually like to keep things light on this blogspot but every once in a while I read something so vile that I think I may snap. For example:

A man in Arizona covered his puppy in cooking oil and then fed it to his pet snake while two young teenagers watched. Here is the kicker. The maximum sentence that he could have received under Arizona State law (where this happened) was just one year! And he didn't even get that sentence. He was slapped on the wrist with a mere three months in jail, over 50 days of which have already been served while he awaited trial, and then two years probation.

So to sum up, in about a month this future serial killer is going to be out of jail! A least he won't be going home to his puppy fed snake. That pet was confiscated due to neglect.

Source: Man who fed puppy to boa gets 90 days in jail

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