Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A gold mine of events that are dog friendly without being dog focused

One of my friends from work invited Mark, Stella, and I to a free outdoor movie at Yonge/Dundas square last night. It is kind of sad that my friend who lives and works in Markham knew about a free movie 10 minutes from my house while I did not have a clue.

We went without even caring what was playing. We were just happy to have something to do that was pet friendly without being pet focused.

The walk up to Yonge/Dundas was a lot different than our usual walks. Usually people smile at Stella and try to pet her but on this walk, people mostly glared at her like she was in the way. The sidewalks were not even that crowded and I was keeping her on a short leash so she definitely wasn't in anyone's way.

Stella, herself acted pretty strange at one point on the way up to the movie. Usually she is vey friendly and she loves everyone with great exuberance. She never ever growls or get snarly. Last night, however, as we were about to walk past a homeless man sitting in the ground, Stella stopped dead in her tracks and would not budge past him. She also wouldn't take her eyes off of him. When I finally gave up tugging on her leash, I bent down to pick her up and realized that she was grumbling low in her throat. Not quite a growl but she was definitely displaying her unhappiness. I picked her up and carrried her about ten feet before putting her down again, at which point she turned around and glared at him again, She kept turning around until he was out of site. Stella has seen homeless people before and usually she just wants them to pet her. I am not sure what made this guy so different.

Anyway, back to the movie. The feature presentation was a 1950's Movie called Forbidden Planet. I am not a huge space movie fan but I had a good time. The movie had Canada's own Leslie Neilson in it. Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe, Episode One played before the movie and I thought that was pretty cool.

Every Tuesday for the rest of the summer, a space movie will be playing at Yonge / Dundas Square. Apparently there will also be Wednesday lunch hour concerts, and weekend cultural festivals every weekend from now until the end of August.

Here is the Tuesday night movie listing ---

June 26th: Forbidden Planet (1956)
July 3: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
July 10: Sleeper (1973)
July 17: Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)
July 24: Blade Runner (1982)
July 31: 31 Brazil (1985)
August 7: Gattaca (1997)
August 14: Matrix (1999)
August 21: Minority Report (2002)
August 28: Trip Hop Metropolis (1927)

All of the other event listings are on a press release I found on the Flip Publicity website:

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