Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Police CD: Not just for road trips anymore!

Guess which double disc compilation just hit stores? I will give you a hint - it’s the The Police!

I am a huge fan of the Police – to the point it drives the BF crazy on road trips. He actually feels the need to point out to me that there is other music out there. While he does have a valid point, the fact of the matter is that there is not a lot of music out there we both agree on. The Police are an exception to the rule (and by that I mean my grumpy boyfriend doesn’t loathe them like he does my other music choices) so it is inevitable that my boyfriend, dog and I spend the majority of our three day road trips listening (and singing along) to a Police CD or two. Well, we like to think Stella is singing along with us. She may actually be howling for us to shut up.

I wonder how my boyfriend is going to feel about The Police after we go to the mall to pick up the new Police CD this weekend and then spend the rest of the day shoe shopping. And after he finds out there is an awesome vintage poster of The Police included in the double disc compilation that will likely end up prominently displayed in our condo.

Anyway, enough about my boyfriend and more about The Police. Folks, for your viewing pleasure, here is a 30 second TV spot that is running right now in the UK!

How cool is that?

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