Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Facebook, you have forsaken me!

Well my new addiction has bitten me right in the ass. Addictions aren't supposed to do that, are they?

Stupid Facebook! Somehow I am now signed up for a grade 8 reunion. How the heck does something like this happen? I mean, I didn't like half of these people when I was 12, why would I like them now? What I really can't figure out is why I, an intelligent woman, clicked "yes" on the evite. Maybe it was because there was not an "omigod, no, nO, NO!!!" button featuring a cartoon icon of a screaming girl with her hair on fire running around in circles. Somehow the simple decline button that they did have just didn't seem adequate.

I still haven't decided if I plan to skip out or not but since it is not in my nature to ditch the follow through part of a stupid decision, I will probably have squeeze into my one and only pair of Sevens, poke myself in the eye ten times until I manage to get my contacts in, pick out a low cut top that features my boobs instead of my waistline, and top it off with my Gucci sunglasses and Dior watch (both of which I got on AMAZING sales). Hopefully I will look moderately successful and not quite as fat as the girls whom I did not like (but probably pretended to) and that one boyfriend I was lucky enough to have show me by example who NOT to date. A lot of girls don't learn that until much later in life, if ever!

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