Friday, June 8, 2007

Girl and Dog and Night Vision Goggles

Last night I took Stella for the longest walk of her short (3 ½ month) life. She was so excited about EVERYTHING. She wanted to eat whatever was on the ground – leaves, cigarette butts, whatever. We were having so much fun, instead of turning left and heading back to the condo, we turned right and headed for the boardwalk. I did not even notice how dark it was getting until it was pitch black out!

Stella is ferocious jumper and licker of the face but guard dog she ain’t. Still, she was seeing things that I couldn’t possibly see unless I had a pair of night vision binoculars. Stella would make me very nervous because we would be walking along with her nose to the ground and all of a sudden she would lift her head up and freeze, staring with great interest at God knows what lurking in or behind a bush. The whole experience made me think back to a site I was on the other day, I had seen a wide range of night vision binoculars, night vision scopes, night vision cameras, and about a billion other things. They also have a full line of military and tactical gear . I can’t imagine any bush lurker bothering Stella and I if we were decked out in tactical gear . Of course Stella’s gear would have to be custom made... :)

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