Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Decorating Begins.

So a full three months after we have moved in, we are finally building a shelving unit around our bed. And by we, I mostly mean the boyfriend’s parents. They are amazing at that sort of thing.

My BF’s mom and I designed what we want it to look like and it is going to be so great! It will have shoe storage, cupboards, shelves, and a pull out night stand on either side with a shelf going across the top so wicker baskets and/or my hat boxes can be put on top. We are going to paint the walls and buy all new curtains and bedding next, I am really excited!!!

So we start with the shelving unit on the weekend (I will try to post pics) but I have already started looking for bedding options –not that I have anything in particular against the blue and grey plaid blanket that Mark brought with him. It is simply not calming (i.e. girly) enough. I am thinking more of a soft blue and spring green. Anyway, Terry’s fabrics has a lot of quality bedding options so I am going to start there and I will keep everyone posted!

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