Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wanted: Reliable, cheap (very cheap) phone cards, please!

I recently found out that I had some problems with my answering service while I was on holiday. Apparently the lines were down over the course of a weekend and I missed a few Temple Treats orders. To make matters worse, I had a lot of trouble returning the messages that I did receive. I had purchased a phone card so that I could return customer calls while I was vacationing – you never truly vacation when you own your own business – but the card I bought sucked! If the customer did not answer my call directly and I was forwarded to their mailbox, I was not able to leave a message! The call simply disconnected. It was crazy! Luckily I have some very loyal customers and they were kind enough to put up with the mess of a phone card.

So now it is time for me to get a new global phone card (holiday or not, I always carry a phone card in case of emergency). I am thinking about Using Pingo. What is really selling me is that Pingo phone cards have a near perfect reorder rate and they are offering four free hours of international calling simply for signing up. They also have a rate watcher service so I don’t have to waste a lot of time searching for the lowest phone card rate. I was so busy before I went on vacation, I didn’t even have time to shop around, I just bought the first one I saw and now I know I was ripped off. Not only could I not leave messages on people’s answering services, there was a bunch of hidden fees. These little surprises made my card time run out before my vacation ended. I was only gone a week. I have been assured that there are absolutely no hidden fees with Pingo. It is a very cheap phone card with no surprises!

Pingo also happens to offer a refer a friend program so after I sign up, I can get $15 for every friend Irefer to Pingo. I will start with my college friends te ones I was visiting on vacation). Once they have signed up for Pingo, they can start calling me!

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