Friday, June 22, 2007

Knocked Up, The Movie

The BF and I finally went to see a movie. It is the first one that we have seen since moving into the condo in March. This is despite the fact that my mother gave Mark a $100 movie gift card for Christmas and I received two free movie coupons from my dentist as a thank you for a referral. So I left the movie choice up to Mark and after debating heavily between Knocked Up and The Rise Of The Silver Surfer, he chose the former.

Knocked Up was excellent! It was light and funny and silly; a romantic comedy that even guys can get on board with. The script was not very polished but that is okay because it made it seem more like actual conversations (re. arguments) that my boyfriend and I would have. My BF and I are both pretty sarcastic people and while we are having arguments we both say some things that are not funny at the time but hilarious later when we are retelling the scene over beers. We are a great source of amusement for our friends.

Anyway, I highly recommend Knocked Up to anyone with a sense of humour. Oh and that guy from Undeclared, a show brutally cancelled without being given a fair chance, was in it. I love that guy!

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