Thursday, June 7, 2007

Training kids is like training puppies, right?

Last night I went to dinner with my mother, little brother, and his friend Danny. My brother and Danny ordered from the kids menu (despite my brother's many protests) and so they had their choice of entree, side, and dessert.

About half way through my brother's pizza (his entree choice) it became very obvious that he was getting full. My mom suggested he stop eating and wait for his dessert to come. The rest of his pizza could be wrapped up for next day's lunch. Not content to leave food on his plate when he had a perfectly good belly to store it in, my brother started picking the toppings off of his pizza. Seeing him reach for a giant slice of pepperoni, I told him not to pick at his pizza because he wouldn't want it for lunch without any toppings on it. Well the little bugger ignored me! Pretending he didn't hear what I was saying, he peeled the pepperoni off the pizza.
"Joe" I said sternly "Put that down."
Again he ignored me and started bringing it to his mouth. This time my mother gave it a go,
"Joe listen to your sister!"
No response. Mad as hell at his impertinence, didn't even think about what I was doing. I simply lifted up my hands and clapped very loudly three times. This is what I do when my Boston terrier puppy, Stella, ignores me in the manner that Joe was at that moment. The funny part is that Joe, my mother, and Danny all reacted in the same manner as Stella would have if she were there. They all dropped what they were holding and sat up straight! How funny; they even folded their hands in their laps.

Luckily for all of us, the waitress came by shortly after that to take our plates away and bring the kids' desserts. Joe's pizza was safely wrapped up so I hope he enjoys his lunch today.

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