Monday, June 18, 2007

Survival of the fittest, yup that's me...

When I was about 18 years old, high off my recent graduation (escape) of high school and obligatory summer backpacking in Europe, I got in my head that I should back pack across Canada. Adventurous, right? Maybe, had it have been summer. As it turns out the idea to backpack in winter was simply stupid. I left Toronto and made my way to Winnipeg. After deciding that I did not like Winnipeg in winter, I bought a train ticket to Saskatoon. I chose Saskatoon mostly because the name sounded pretty cool and I did not think it could possibly be as boring as everyone says.

Well after an interesting train trip I arrived in Saskatoon. At 2am. In the freezing cold. There was nothing around for miles and, as it was the last train of the night, the station was closing. I couldn’t even stay in there for warmth until I figured where to go and what to do. So doing what any panicky 18 year old female traveling alone would do (like there are so many out there) I snuck back on the train and hid in the bathroom while the attendant came around checking tickets.

I held my breath in the bathroom as I heard the attendant oh so slowly shuffle past. I felt the train pull out of the station and sighed with relief. As the train started chugging along I was quite smugly wondering to myself how long I had to hide out when there was a harsh rap at the door. My smugness rapidly dissipated “Um, just a minute” I squeaked nervously.
“It’s okay, Miss.” the attendant answered “The train has left the station, you can come out now.” Sheepishly, I opened the bathroom door. “I saved your seat for you, Miss.” The kindly attendant winked as I made my way back to my seat.

So that is my rough and tumble, stuck in a strange place with nothing but my wits story. I am sure CIA Operative, Michael Weston would have done much better than me if he were in my shoes. Michael Weston is a CIA Operative who will be coming to USA Network's Burn Notice this June, 28th. I will definitely be watching to see does in much more interesting situations than mine!

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