Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Paid Blogging Made Easier (and Cheaper)

I want everyone to take note of the brand new icon on the sidebar. I am now for hire! Thanks to the folks over at PayPerPost, an advertiser can now click on the “Hire Me” icon, contacting me directly to blog a review about their product, service, or website. And unlike most other blog advertising sites out there, PayPerPost is only taking 10% off the top of my blogs (5% of which goes to PayPal and other transaction fees). Other companies out there mark up price 50 to 100% (poor advertisers!) and then give only a pittance to the person who actually wrote the blogs!

PayPerPosts new Pay Direct system is incredibly user friendly (especially compared to some PPP competitors out there) and offers all of the security and convenience that is offered through their regular PayPerPost program. Bloggers can even pick a minimum fee amount and post it right on their Pay Direct icon. I chose not to do that because my fee is dependant upon what the advertiser would like me to write about. I can always change my mind later, though.

So I want all you advertisers to start clicking on my PayPerPost “Hire Me” button. The sooner, the more often, the better! I have chew toys to pay for (Stella just ruined another one last night).

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