Monday, June 11, 2007

For those of you who haven’t notice yet, I have officially signed up for I have only been a member for a week now and already the opportunities for paid blogging are rolling in. In fact, with the exception of Saturday, I wrote a paid entry every single day last week! PayPerPost has so many paid posting opportunities that, had I had the time, I could have written more (their limit is three per day). As it is I am simply posting on my otherwise boring lunch hour at work

So, so far I have made about $35 from PayPerPost, all from companies that wish to advertise on blogs. Not bad for one week! I will get paid via PayPal which is awesome for me because I plan to save all of my earnings until Christmas time and then do all of my holiday shopping online (probably from the same companies that are using PayPerPost to advertise on blogs, hah!) Thanks to PayPerPost and a few more online payment opportunities, I will not be going into a Christmas induced debt (or frenzy) this holiday season.

There are about a billion opportunities on PayPerPost, starting with this blog. Anyone who wants to can click on the “review this blog” icon at the bottom of this entry and get paid to write a review of my blog. I would LOVE to read a review on my blog. Unless it was a really horrible review in which case I would probably cry like a little girl...!

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