Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Search Engine Strategies Expo

Well I am back from the Search Engine Strategies Expo at the MTCC. It took about an hour to go visit all of the booths (twice). The biggest disappointment was the Google booth. It was basically a giant google sign, two chairs, and two sales staff. That was it. Oh, I did score a Google keychain/mini flashlight/measuring tape thingy so it was not a total loss.

A new directory (with a twist) called n49 gave me a free tshirt and a shot glass. Both were pretty cool. The n49 booth was fully staffed and ready to give info. I signed up for an account (I had to to get the free shirt!) I will write another post about them once I get my confirmation email.

All in all I was pretty disappointed. I know that the event was more about the classes than the Expo but the company that I work for is way too cheap to spend $1300 on the classes for me. They sent me to the free part expecting I would learn something anyway. Maybe my boss won't be too pissed off if I give him my free shot glass...

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