Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Meade MySky: astromomy class without the cranky instructor

Most of my recent blog entries have been about my Idaho vacation. Yes, I know vacations are meant for exotic places and adventurous activities but I simply wanted to visit my two best college friends graduate from their respective programs. As an added bonus, I avoided hotel stays for the majority of the trip because my good friend Bryan let me stay in his spare room. I met Bryan in an astronomy class. My first day in the class, I arrived a little late. The instructor’s head snapped up from roll call as if an uninvited in-law just entered the room. I knew then that this class was going to give me trouble. I looked around, not for an empty desk but instead for the smartest looking student in the room to sit beside. That smart looking guy was Bryan, my new study partner.

Despite the fact that Bryan did turn out to be super-genius smart and I am not an unintelligent creature, I only got a B in that class. Personally, I blame the teacher (or, y’ know, my tardiness). I think I could have gotten an A, though, if I had had one of these awesome gadgets- a Meade My Sky Personal Video Planetarium.

The Meade MySky is a point and click type guide to the universe. I don’t mean to sound all dramatic, here but the interactive skyscout is touted as being incredibly easy to use. It even has a full-colour LCD screen. According to an advertisement I read, the Meade MySky can help you identify objects in the night sky even better than if you had your own personal astronomer...or...I imagine, better than a crabby astronomy professor who just can’t let go of the fact you had trouble finding a parking spot on the first day of his class!

I think I will get a Meade MySky from OpticsPlanet.com for my nephew for his upcoming birthday. He is 10 years old and I know he would love this cool new gadget, plus I would then be able to re-live my astronomy lessons vicariously through him!

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