Monday, June 18, 2007

Stella's First Off-Leash Experience

Stella had the most incredible weekend ever! She got to run off-leash in the boyfriend's parents' back yard on both Saturday and Sunday. It was her first time off-leash and she was ecstatic! On Saturday she couldn't calm down at all. She just kept going and going and going! She was like the Energizer bunny on crack. When we brought her back on Sunday she was a tiny bit more mellow. She took the time to smell the roses, so to speak. She also took the time to eat big chunks of grass, pine cones, dirt and even rocks. We pretty much spent most of the day chasing the goofball around and digging stuff out of her mouth. We distracted her as much as possible by playing fetch and tug of war. Mark kept trying to get her interested in the frisbee but she is still too little and the frisbee is way to big. Unless the frisbee was flipped upside down and filled with fresh water, she had no interest.

I think we are going to pick up one of those Flying Squirrels or something similar. Something soft and not too hard on her pupppy teeth, which she has alread started losing. I have found two already!

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