Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Most Embarassing Puppy Story Yet

Okay, so here is my MOST embarassing puppy story so far. Yesterday, I was walking back from the grocery store with Stella in the blistering heat. I was also carrying my purse, Stella's purse (I bought it at Woofstock this weekend so I could take her into the grocery store with me), and a grocery bag that would not fit into the very heavy, stuffed to the brim with groceries, environmentally friendly cloth bag on wheels I was dragging behind me.

I was attempting to drag Stella, all of the groceries and two purses across a busy intersection in downtown Toronto before the light went from yellow to red when Stella decided she had to go. She squatted down in the middle of the intersection, in front of all the waiting cars and pooped. Alot! I didn't know what to do because the light was now red and everyone in their cars were waiting for me to cross...was I expected to scoop the poop or not? I couldn't just drop all of my groceries and fish through one of the purses I was carrying for poop scoop baggies while everyone drove around me, could I? In the end, I left Stella's mess and scurried, red faced, out of the intersetion. How embarassing!

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